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Desky provides organizations of all sizes a flexible, modern workspace to accommodate the growing demand for hybrid working. Turn your office into a flexible space.

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Easy booking

Reserve your hot desk or meeting room on your way to work, when you arrive at the office you will have your space reserved for you.

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Adapt your space to hybrid work

Easily enable how many spaces are available in your office. Build your work space in a matter of minutes with our visual editor.

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Greater use of space

Efficiency within the new working spaces

Get more profit from the office and its spaces. Check which are the usage trends and optimize it according to the new scenarios.

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“In a very simple way, Desky helps us solve our office occupancy problems.”
Meritxell Viladomat
Chief Operations Officer - Itnig
“We are growing as a company. Desky's flexibility is very useful to manage our office on a daily basis and understand how spaces grow with us.”
Bernat Farrero
Founder - Factorial
“My team usually works at home. Desky helps me manage face-to-face dynamics when we need them.”
Growth Manager Jonathan Centeno
Jonathan Centeno
Growth Enablement Manager - Factorial
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