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Create your office´s digital plan, visualize and manage your occupation in real-time.
Reserve easily your hot desk, desks or meeting rooms. Enjoy going back to the office in a safe way.

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Thanks to Desky we returned to the office!

In a very simple way, Desky helps us solve our office occupancy problems. Being able to book in advance allows us the flexibility of combining remote and physical work. We always know in advance when there's a seat for us in the office.
Meritxell Viladomat
Chief Operations Officer - Factorial

Easy booking

Book your hot desk on your way to work, or scan the QR code instantly when you arrive to your office.

Calendario con las reservas de la semana que has realizado
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Adapt your space to hybrid work

Easily enable how many spaces are available in your office. Build your work space in a matter of minutes with our visual editor.

Previsualización de la vista de reserva donde aparecen las mesas disponibles y las que están ocupadas y los usuarios que lo ocupan

Efficiency within the new working spaces

Get real data from the office and its hot desks. Check your user trends and optimise the working space based on new scenarios.

Usuarios y sus correspondientes estadísticas de uso de la oficina
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Employees will book from their phone

Employes can book they desk beforehand right from their phone. If they are in the office, they can use the QR code to make an instant booking.

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Choose how many hot desks are available to book. Design your office in just a few minutes with our visual editor.

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“In a very simple way, Desky helps us solve our office occupancy problems.”
Meritxell Viladomat
Chief Operations Officer - Factorial
“We are growing as a company. Desky's flexibility is very useful to manage our office on a daily basis and understand how spaces grow with us.”
Bernat Farrero
Founder - Factorial
“My team usually works at home. Desky helps me manage face-to-face dynamics when we need them.”
Jonathan Centeno
Growth Enablement Manager - Factorial


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